• Image of RAM_007: Will Blundell & Becca Dunn - Obey EP

RAM_007: Will Blundell & Becca Dunn - Obey EP. C19 black-shell EP with J-card and download of all four tracks. Released October 28th 2016. Run of 25. 8 left in stock.

Side A: Tar / Wasting Time
Side B: Lay Down / Obey

Will Blundell’s a singer-songwriter “born by the sea, raised by the sea” and who wants “to live by the sea again”, but who doesn’t “actually like the sea”. He’s a bit of an enigma who, on his debut EP, lets fellow Leeds College of Music graduate Becca Dunn do most of his talking. Her startling falsetto is a counterpoint to his soft intonations and thus he takes vocal only sparingly, leading the way all the same as he spins multi-layered electronic composition over cinematic folk, heavy-hearted piano repeats over subtle brass and ethereal choral work.

Dunn equally makes her presence felt throughout, her performance ramping up as the running order progresses. Her natural, breathy singing voice comes to the fore on Obey’s side B, bare-bones instrumentation and vocal cracks making for an intimate listen in which slow-drawn strings give way to impassioned climaxes. Obey closes out with the epic the preceding run-time demands, militaristic drums competing with piano rolls, a buzzed-out rhythm duking it out with vocal layering and Dunn’s soaring peaks. It’ll all leave you as breathless as it will rooted to the spot.